Jennifer Lopez shines as a bride in ‘Marry Me’


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David Alvarado

“Marry Me,” starring Jennifer Lopez and Colombian singer Maluma, hit theaters across the United States on Feb.11. The romantic comedy embodies a well-written script with actors who make the words come to life.

Lopez, who plays superstar Kat Valdez, plans a New York City wedding with the handsome Bastian, played by Maluma. The story revolves around how Valdez is cheated on by Bastian in the days leading up to their concert at Madison Square Garden.

On the big day, the diamonds on Valdez’s wedding dress sparkle as her anxiety rises moments before their performance. Her agent Colin, played by John Bradley, sees a video of Valdez’s assistant aggressively kissing her fiancé while shutting the door to his hotel room.

After Colin hesitantly tells Valdez about Bastian’s indiscretion, her confidence crumbles before a sea of fans as her eyes water from heartbreak. So, she decides to go through with the marriage, but not with Bastian.

Valdez proceeds to pick a man out of the crowd and marry him instead: Charlie Gilbert,  a divorced high school math teacher and father, played by the hilarious “Wedding Crashers” actor, Owen Wilson.  Gilbert’s best friend and daughter force him onto the stage, and the two tie the knot.

The movie really kicks off after the concert and Valdez and Gilbert fall in love with one another through their humor, mannerisms and opposite lifestyles.

Valdez helps Gilbert and his daughter overcome their shyness through the art of music and dancing, while Gilbert shows Valdez the beauty of living an ordinary life without fame.

Lopez and Wilson portray powerful on-screen chemistry that puts one at the edge of their seat throughout the movie.

During the film, the only conflict the couple confronts is Valdez being so blinded by her alluring lifestyle that she cannot help but succumb to the expectations of stardom. Gilbert becomes insecure and breaks her heart by telling her to reunite with Bastian. Lopez and Wilson do a fabulous job expressing anguish during these climactic scenes.

The movie suits a diverse audience, from a young teenager or college student to even a grandparent. It is one of those feel-good movies perfect with homemade popcorn and a fizzy beverage.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic set the film release date back a year due to restrictions, “Marry Me” came to theaters just in time for the romantic month of February.

“marry me marry me say yesssss!!!,” Maluma tweeted on Valentine’s day.

The movie also comes with its own official soundtrack, with several songs performed by Lopez and Maluma themselves.

The title song consists of a fun hip-hop beat slow enough to devour the lyrics in a way that perfectly suits the theme of the movie. Lopez and Maluma’s vocals compliment each other very well.

“To put it simply:  Surprising, sexy, and smart, Marry Me isn’t just a charmer, it’s one of the best romantic comedies of the last decade,” according to Mashable wrote in a review of the film.

The movie obtains got a 92% audience score along with a score of 59% on the Tomatometer, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Lopez proves, yet again, she is a force to be reckoned with.

“ So it’s refreshing to see Lopez in a much-heralded return to the romantic comedy fold,” The Los Angeles Times wrote in its review.

“Marry Me” is unrealistic in various aspects. However, the film’s quirky storyline makes the audience enjoy the Valdez and Gilbert’s romance through laughter.