USG Report: Resources and tips for interview season


Courtesy of USG

Alison Lee

Summer internship season is approaching and it’s never too early to start looking for internship opportunities. Baruch College offers a wide variety of resources that will help students in this endeavor.

There are many different types of internships: paid, unpaid, for credit and OCR (on-campus recruiting). More information regarding the variety of internship opportunities that suits you can be found here.

Internships are a great opportunity to obtain real work experience and build a resume. It’s also a chance to explore your chosen career, the different paths within that field and expand your options.

Many students have changed their major simply because a previous internship opportunity sparked their interest. Before graduation is a great chance for one to make mistakes and grow from them, develop new skills and even gain leadership experience.

Internships are also integral in building a network and potentially finding great references or full- time job opportunities.

Baruch’s STARR Career Development Center is an incredible resource all Baruch students have access to. Here, students can have their resume workshopped, attend webinars, practice for interviews and as well as scroll through the Baruch exclusive STARR Search website for an overwhelming number of job and internship opportunities.

The STARR Search website is a resource you also have access to post graduation, and we have heard many success stories from alumni who have found potential new hires.

After using the STARR Career center to buff up your resume and apply to a position, the interviews are the next hurdle.

Interviews can be an intimidating experience, and there are various types. Interviews can range from a simple phone call, to a zoom call, a call with a panel, a pre-recorded interview, an in- person interview and many more.

It’s important to remember that no matter the type of interview you have there is always a common factor: an interview is an opportunity for you to sell yourself.


Here are my three best tips for interviews:

One, take a breath. Although it sounds cliché, breathing will slow your heart rate and reduce anxiety. By doing this you will increase your confidence and overall demeanor.

The second tip is to ensure you are prepared. Do your research about the company, the field and the position. This will tell show any employer that you are well versed, you have done essential research and also shows your enthusiasm for the job. basic interview questions never hurt.

The final tip is to ensure you practice interviewing. I sometimes like practicing simple conversations and questions on my computer. I’ll record myself doing a quick five-minute Q&A and re-watch it just to see what points I made, how I presented myself and what I could’ve done better.

However, it’s important to remember that everyone has their own method, so finding what works for you is essential. This is why starting early and creating opportunities for yourself to get experience before graduating is so important.

As much as students strive to secure a full-time position by graduation, everyone has their own timeline. When entering Baruch as a first-year student everyone was buzzing about LinkedIn profiles or career fairs and finding an internship right away. As I progressed through school, I realized that no two college experiences are the same and it’s important to find what works best for you.

Don’t forget to breathe, do your research and practice. Best of luck during this interview season.