Field Center launches mural design competition


Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneaurship

Parvesh Rudher

The Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship is hosting the inaugural “Essence of Entrepreneurship” Mural Design Competition to promote and increase the ongoing spread of entrepreneurship within Baruch College.

Fostering the spirit of creativity in students and on the mission to capture the essence of entrepreneurship in the form of art, the Field Center is excited about the competition’s message.

The competition is open to all current Baruch undergraduate and graduate students, who can submit their piece of art centered around the idea of entrepreneurship.

The Lawrence N. Field Center is aiming to make this project a yearly event. The winning design will be installed in the Field Center, Room 2-140, and will be displayed for one year until it is replaced in the next year’s competition.

Asked about why the competition was initiated, Marlene Leekang, the executive director of the Field Center, told The Ticker, that for Baruch students who are venturing into the business world, “the entrepreneurial mindset is an invaluable asset.”

“This mural can spread our message of creating an entrepreneurial mindset in all students for them to grow in life, whether they pursue their own business or begin careers joining an organization,” Leekang said.

Students may submit their pieces individually or in teams, with no limit of how many students are allowed per team submission. All entries are required to be original works of art in order to be considered.

One winning art piece will be selected. A $1,000 prize will be awarded to an individual student submission or $2,000 for a team of students. The team prize will increase to $2,500 if the winning teams include students from multiple Baruch schools.

The deadline for all students to submit their entry will be March 15. This will be followed by a student choice voting system on March 21, where students will be provided a link to vote for their favorite design.

The winner will be determined by the faculty and staff of the Field Center, using feedback from the student choice voting submissions, on April 1.

The winning design will be unveiled during Creative Inquiry Week, from May 10 to May 17, in the Field Center, and all other entries will be on display as well during the unveiling.

The submission entry and competition details can be found here.