French designer Manfred Thierry Mugler dies at 73

Basmalla Attia

Manfred Thierry Mugler, the 73-year-old French designer, died on Jan. 23 in the Paris suburb of Vincennes, leaving a phenomenal legacy behind.

The death was announced by Jean-Baptiste Rougeot, his manager, via a post on Instagram. However, the causes for the death were not stated.

Mugler started as a freelance designer in Paris. He then proceeded to launch his own company in 1973 and became an internationally renowned fashion designer by the 1980s, according to CNN.

His tiny waist, body-conscious creations and architectural designs became his trademark. He created unique futuristic, nostalgic and grotesque silhouettes.

He pushed the traditional boundaries of clothing construction by using plastic-like futuristic fabric, latex, rubber and defined broad shoulders, according to AP News. Mugler worked with the likes of Madonna, Beyoncé, David Bowie, Lady Gaga and Diana Ross.Notable moments in his career include defining the 80s power dressing. More recently, he designed Kim Kardashian West’s wet-look at the 2019 Met Gala, according to Women’s Wear Daily. .

French President Emmanuel Macron went as far as to say Mugler “revolutionized French fashion and elegance.”

In addition to being a fashion designer, he created films and took photographs. He was also an acrobat, dancer,bodybuilder and even produced a bestselling perfume, “Angel.”

Mugler always wanted to explore the human body as an art and his shows were known for choreographyshowcasing a variety of artists, singers and drag queens. His shows almost resembled a musical.

“I never dreamed of being a fashion designer. I wanted to be a director,” he said.

Many celebrities mourned his death and recounted his sensational work and the great memories they had with him.

Beyoncé shared a collage of her various Mugler looks, with a photograph of the designer writing, “Rest in Peace.”

Diana Ross also shared a photo with Mugler via Twitter and wrote, “I will miss you Thierry Mugler this was a wonderful time in our lives.”

Mugler may have left, but his extensive impact in the fashion world will tie his name to it for years to come.