How can students best market themselves for their dream jobs?


Noah Fleischman | The Ticker

Noah Fleischman

These simple actions will establish you as a thought leader and make you more desirable to a prospective employer. And the best part about all of these actions is that they won’t cost you a cent. Here are ways that you can share your knowledge and get yourself known:

  1. Write it out — Create articles about things that you know about and get your name out there as an expert on the topics. The articles do not need to be long and elaborate.

    You can write posts on LinkedIn or you can submit articles to publications and platforms that focus on your field and your target audience.

  2. Help others out – If you are looking to become a web designer, for example, offering to help out a nonprofit organization to build its online presence would be a great way to market yourself. It will help the organization out and get your name out there as an expert in the area that you’re interested in and, hopefully, it’ll allow you to get a foot in the door for a potential job opportunity. A lot of larger companies have boards and members, which can become important contacts down the line.

  3. Socialize – Sharing on social media opens you up to a huge audience of potential. Share articles on LinkedIn or write comments on media posted by other people.You can post relevant pieces on Facebook and Twitter as well, and all of these can lead to increased exposure.

  4. Network – Constantly put yourself out there. Attend business and social networking events where you will be among your peers. These networking events are closer than you think; a lot of them happen at Baruch College. You can also look up local meetings in the area for upcoming events that are sometimes low to no cost and feature industry experts who can pass on invaluable knowledge.

  5. Create a pitch – What have you studied in school? What are some of your key accomplishments and job positions? Where have you volunteered? Creating a quick and compelling “elevator pitch” that includes the above is a great way to let people know who you are and will work perfectly at networking events and in an interview.

In practicing the above, you will work effectively toward your career goals. It will keep you on target and strengthen your brand.

Marketing yourself and establishing yourself as a thought leader is easier than you think and it is the first step toward the journey of landing your dream job.