CUNY begins random COVID-19 testing program

Rachel Dalloo

CUNY has launched a random testing program for employees and students who are vaccinated, in an effort to continue slowing the spread of COVID-19 on its campuses.

The university started selecting students from Nov. 17, an email blast to CUNY students, faculty and employees stated.

According to the email, the program will coincide with CUNY’s mandatory weekly testing for employees who have not revealed if they have been vaccinated and students who have a vaccination exemption.

Students who are selected will be notified by email from the Cleared4 system, with further instructions on registering to complete the COVID-19 test. No appointment is needed.

Following the test, individuals should receive their results within 48 hours. In that time period, students are able to keep their “Access Pass” while their results are pending.

Baruch College is one of the 18 CUNY colleges that serves as a COVID-19 testing site. Other colleges include Hunter College, New York City College of Technology, Medgar Evers College, York College, Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center, among others.

“I think it’s literally fine,” Karina Aslanyn, a Baruch journalism and creative writing major, told The Ticker via a Google Form shared on social media. “I understand how it can be annoying but it’s also just a test once in a while doesn’t harm anyone. I get that it is bothersome, but I’d honestly feel safer if they required all of us to test multiple times a week anyways, so this is honestly a plus for me.”

In order to participate in the COVID-19 testing programs, students are required to submit a test taken at qualifying CUNY institutions.

If students are unable to take part in the program within the seven day grace period, they will be contacted by a campus or program representative on determining the next steps of on-campus requirements and eligibility, according to CUNY’s website.

Carol Chen, a political science major, shared her opinion on the news through the Google Form.

“I think this is unnecessary because the people who are on campus are hopefully & most likely fully vaccinated like the college mandated us to,” she said. “Random COVID tests should not be necessary for a school where pretty much everyone is vaccinated. In addition, it seems like a waste of time.”

After receiving a negative result, students are able to keep their “Access Pass.”

If the results are positive, then the pass will be removed and students will be contacted by a Coronavirus Task Force Liaison for guidance, as per CUNY protocol.

“I honestly think it’s a good idea because it will allow regular checking of covid cases since, it is possible for a vaccinated person to contract Covid,” Pujan Patel, a computer information systems major, said in the Google Form. “It obviously slows down the spread of covid pandemic at CUNY institution because it will allow us to find out the individual that has contracted covid and take measures accordingly. Vaccinated people will have little to no symptoms therefore covid can go undetected and can spread it that person is in close contact with other CUNY personnel.”