USG Report: Process behind Senate meeting minutes


Courtesy of USG

Alison Lee

I hope everyone is excited for the end of the semester and the beginning of winter break.
I’m here to dive a little deeper into Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government’s weekly Senate meetings. Senate meetings take place every Tuesday starting at 5:30 p.m. and consist of all our Table members which include 19 voting members and our E-board.

Senate meetings are open to all, and it is a great place to hear about updates, events and other mini-informational tidbits about campus, classes and Baruch in general.

During Senate meetings, Secretary Yam-Yu Li always takes an extensive transcript of everything said, which is then turned into weekly minutes.

All minutes are published at least a day before the next Senate meeting and are available on our USG website for all to read. There may be some slight delays as Li works hard every week, jotting down all the details and even adding overall highlights for a quick overview.

If you happen to miss a meeting or want to know a bit more about what we spoke about, the minutes are a great place to find your answers.

USG first started taking minutes years ago a to have as much transparency as possible between the student government and the entire student body.

Itis also responsible for much more than just planning and holding events. We also speak with administrators and work toward improving the school in any way that we can.

While it’s hard to give constant updates to the student body, we try our best to do this through our minutes.

You can find all of our minutes, from our very first meeting in August to the most current one, here:

Feel free to join in our Senate meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. Zoom code: 864 1682 1682
Password: USG2021

Again, the meeting is open to the public and we encourage you all to come to at least once and check out what goes on behind the scenes.

Wishing everyone good energy for their finals and the rest of the month and I hope everyone has a great winter break. Maybe I’ll see some new faces at our Senate meetings next semester.