How Apple can improve for users



Dani Heba, Sports Editor

Defiant against ever using an Android product, users of Apple Inc.’s products, particularly their iPhones, are loyal to their company’s brand. Despite this fealty to Apple, it is counterproductive and delusional to pretend the company is perfect.

One of the most important issues for users’ is the battery life of the iPhone.

Apple notoriously had to provide over $310 million compensation to two million users after the company was found to have manipulated the battery life on its phones to operate inefficiently after several years of usage in an effort to drive people toward prematurely upgrading their phones.

Demands for better battery life are not unreasonable. Users are simply asking for a phone that will have a reliable battery supply and won’t suddenly die while away from a charger. It is important that users have a trustworthy company that makes a reliable product.

One cool feature regarding battery life would be for iPhones to automatically stop charging once the battery reaches 100%. This would be an especially beneficial feature for those who charge their phones while sleeping because they won’t have to worry about overcharging their phone and ruining it’s battery life.

Another crucial modification to battery life would be the addition of multiple low power modes, since this is a huge issue for Apple.

Android users have multiple low power modes, adapting to a variety of situations a user might be in. However, Apple has a basic regular mode and low power mode, which might not adapt as smoothly to someone’s situation.

There have also been users who suggest that Apple could implement a feature allowing people to recover deleted conversations, similar to the recently deleted feature Apple has for photos. For people who like to reminisce, or those who want to prove a point, this could be an interesting feature.

A prospective feature Apple should consider implementing in a future update is the ability to flip the camera while recording a video. This is a basic feature that apps like Snapchat allow users to take advantage of. There’s no reason that this shouldn’t exist on the camera app.

Regarding iOS 15, there are several problems that users have reported with the new software.page1image8269440

One issue users have been noticing is that they have a hard time connecting Apple Music to CarPlay. Users have experienced instances where the music does not play and sometimes forces CarPlay to lag or close entirely. A car ride without music is hardly an enjoyable one. After charging well over $1,000 for the new iPhones, the least Apple can do is let users enjoy music during a car ride in peace.

Users also experiencing crashing apps.

In my own experience, this issue is especially bad with the News app, which often crashes or takes me to the homepage when trying to view an article. This may be a symptom of a lack of compatibility with the updated speed of the new iOS, but Apple should have been prepared for such an issue and updated the compatibility.

Additionally, for their next phone, Apple could take some inspiration from Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, its new smartphone that folds like a flip phone. Not only is this a slick retro design, it also makes phones, which have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, easier to fit into pockets.

Users also have several complaints about Mac devices.

One complaint is that apps for Hulu and Netflix, Inc. cannot be downloaded, unlike on Windows, where they can be downloaded. It is odd that Mac currently lacks this capability because the app store on mobile devices, such as iPhone and iPad, does have these apps.

Moreover, the keyboard is a bit strange in comparison to the default Windows keyboard, including its use of the command key instead of the typical control key.

While this is something Apple will likely never fix, it can certainly be confusing, and rather annoying, for users who switch from Windows to Mac.

Finally, Macs are known to have worse hardware specs and graphics cards than personal computers. This results in a lack of software being able to run on Mac.

To allow for a greater variety of programs to run on their computers, Apple should make their computers more modifiable. This could help them eat into the share of computers, as Windows dominates the operating systems market with roughly 92% of the share.

Based on all of these factors, it is clear Apple’s computers are significantly worse for most users than PCs that run Windows, and that the company has a lot of ground to make up there.

However, having an iPhone will always beat having an Android. Apple just needs to work on polishing up the product, especially following major software updates.