USG and media organizations permitted to use student spaces

Emanuela Gallo, Editor-in-Chief

The Undergraduate Student Government, Graduate Student Assembly, The Ticker and Lexicon have been granted permission to use their offices, suites or conference rooms, with limitations, as of Nov. 9.

“These spaces are being used to complete necessary work by the organization,” Office of Student Life Assistant Director of Leadership Development Dinetta Curtis wrote in a Nov. 8 email to the student governments and media groups.

The spaces can be accessed on weekdays. Each organization must follow rules set by the Office of Student Life. Otherwise, it will not be permitted to use the space anymore and may face disciplinary action.

Only authorized club members are allowed into the space. Members have access only if their organization’s leadership gave their full names, EMPLIDs, Baruchmail addresses and cell phone numbers to OSL.

If additional guests are brought into the space, all organization members will lose access to it. They can only access the space that has been designated for their use.

For The Ticker, only masthead members are authorized. Copy editors, graphic designers, photographers and writers do not have access. Six members are allowed in the bullpen and common spaces at a time, with one member being allowed in the editor-in-chief’s office at a time.

Certain members are only authorized for certain portions of the Media Suite, whereas some leadership positions have access to more than one or even all parts of the suite.

The Ticker and Lexicon split their access to the Media Suite, so that each organization has its own set day to use the space. Two other days of the week alternate between the organizations. The remaining one day of the week is first-come, first-served.

For USG, only Senate table members are authorized. Only two people can share an office at the same time.

USG Senate table members can access their offices by making a reservation two weeks in advance. Reservations are made by contacting Executive Secretary Yam-Yu Li.

“Our access to the office space is strictly for work and enforced with a high degree of rules,” Executive Vice President Richard Reyes told The Ticker in an email statement. “Table members are socially distanced and have assigned rooms and designated times where capacity is enforced.”

Only a few table members have access to the conference room, for the purpose of attending virtual Senate meetings.

“In this hybrid situation, we must hold true to our commitment to our Senate Meeting,” Reyes said. “Certain table members have in-person classes that end at 5:25 PM and they need a space to attend Senate.”

Other USG members may be allowed into offices in spring 2022.

For the other student organizations, office space is first-come, first-served. Members are only allowed to make reservations if the space hasn’t reached capacity.

To access the spaces, the student must check-in at OSL’s front desk. They must swipe their Baruch ID, then give it to a staff member. The office will keep it until the student checks out of the club space.

After the space is unlocked by a staff member, the students may use the space until 4 p.m. At that time, they must collect any belongings, close the space and pick up their ID at the office. The offices, conference rooms and suites open at 10 a.m.

OSL has prohibited items including refrigerators, microwaves and coffeemakers from being used in these spaces. If an item is not pre-approved, the office will remove it.

Members are permitted to eat and drink in the space but are responsible for keeping the area clean. Alcohol, smoking, vaping, gambling, large social gatherings, loud music or other noise are prohibited.

Student organizations, besides these four, are still not allowed to meet on campus or in-person for events or any club-related activities. They are not allowed to access office spaces, club suites, lockers or weekly meeting rooms.

OSL is working on opening spaces for these four organizations before other clubs, according to Curtis.

“We at USG are in constant conversations with the Office of Student Life in ways that we can help,” Reyes said. “However, we are mandated to follow all Baruch, CUNY and State guidelines as we maintain our conversations with Baruch leadership.”