USG Report: ‘Homecoming’ and other events come with rewards


Courtesy of USG

Richard Reyes

The fall semester is nearing its end, and it has been quite interesting. The semester started with uncertainty as we began to navigate the school year in a hybrid format. Classes were scheduled to be majority in-person while a substantial number were still online.

Club activities were scheduled to be conducted online only. Club leaders did additional planning to figure out the new “groove” of things to make sure events would be attended by the student body.

As always, club leaders across Baruch College including organizations like the Undergraduate Student Government were able to create impactful, social and resourceful events and initiatives in this odd transitional period.

A huge congratulations is well deserved for all student leaders. Often all the hard work goes unnoticed, but being a student and running a club, especially during these circumstances, is an achievement.

USG has had an amazing fall term, and we prioritized events around resources.

It was important to us that students knew what Baruch has to offer and how to effectively use such resources. However, we also made sure to have social events that would reinvigorate the student body.

I have come to campus, and it feels quite different. It is not the Baruch that I remember from before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Homecoming” allowed USG to bring some joy back to campus. Erika Cumbe, vice president of campus affairs, planned “Homecoming” from the start of the semester. This is one of the main events that her position hosts.

Cumbe followed the fall protocol that all events should be conducted online. She hosted online events such as “Do you know music?,” an online interactive music guessing game, “Game Night” and “Bearcat Talent,” where Baruch students showcased a variety of talents.

She collaborated with Chair of Clubs and Organizations Snigdha Sarker, who spearheaded the first-ever “Bearcat Showdown,” an event where 10 clubs competed.

Additionally, we had the privilege of being able to conduct pop-up giveaways and raffles.
Online each day during “Homecoming,” quizzes were made available to win the “Ultimate Swag Bag” — an amazing prize that includes all the merch in one.

The pop-up giveaways were random and included water bottles, duffle bags, masks, hand sanitizer, t-shirts and sweatshirts. The student body enjoyed the free Baruch merch.

Overall, “Homecoming” was a great success, and there is more to come this spring. Stay tuned by following us on Instagram @usgbaruch.