USG report: Helpful resources for class registration


Courtesy of USG

Richard Reyes

It’s that time of the semester to register for classes. Registration for the 2022 spring semester began Nov. 1. Registering for classes has always been a joyous endeavor for me. I am a huge planner, although I like to pretend that I’m not.

Baruch College provides a lot of resources to help students navigate the stressful and somewhat complex system of creating our schedules.

One of the resources I used as a first-year student was Degree Maps. Many students that attend Baruch are business majors and their trajectory for the first few semesters is linear since a majority of the courses are Zicklin prerequisites.

However, Degree Maps provided students with a framework of a potential schedule for the entirety of their four years at Baruch. For those who are not heading toward the Zicklin School of Business, Degree Maps provides even more help to create schedules that do not have a rigid structure filled with prerequisites.

Another useful resource is DegreeWorks. This is a useful platform that has helped me many times throughout my academic journey. It lists all the courses that you have taken or still need to take.

For example, my DegreeWorks lists my major, which is finance. With this information, it is broken down into Pathways, which include general education requirements, college option requirements, pre-business requirements, required business courses, major requirements, communication intensive courses and liberal arts and science electives.

I paired this resource with the Degree Maps to provide a visualization of my progress.

DegreeWorks has built-in features such as “What-If” and “Look Ahead,” which can provide students with potential options if they choose to switch their major. It entails what classes they can look forward to taking and includes a GPA calculator for the respective semester.

A new feature called schedule builder on CUNYFirst has helped many students when deciding on classes. You can find this resource in “Student Center,” under your current “This Week’s Schedule.”

This feature  allows for the creation of multiple schedules that can be saved and/or deleted at the discretion of the user.

Ultimately, the best service we have here at Baruch is our Undergraduate Advisement & Orientation Office. Appointments can be made on Navigate.

These services are provided to all Baruch undergraduate students for free.

Good luck to everyone on their registration. As always, make sure to stay updated with USG by following us on Instagram: @USGBaruch.