Annual club fair draws huge crowds

May Khin

Baruch College’s annual club fair held in the beginning of the fall semester for freshmen and transfer students showcased several different clubs and organizations on Aug. 30 in the main gym.

Cultural clubs, special interest clubs, honor societies, professional and academic clubs, service clubs, political and social clubs and government and media organizations were present. Some clubs had free food and games and gave away merchandise to students who signed up for that club’s
newsletter. Some clubs gave away food.

Eimi Ogura from Beta Alpha Psi, a business honor society, said joining BAP helped her become who she is today.

“It definitely helped me because I joined as a freshman to really go beyond my expectations and my comfort zone to do something really big,” Ogura said. “Beta Alpha Psi really connected me with a great group of people that really helped me personally and professionally every step of the way.”

Junior Maz Kalam said his experience of joining Beta Alpha Psi was invaluable because he landed a full-time job through the guidance and support he received from the club.

“I joined as a junior so I was really in crunch time for getting an internship and right before I got into BAP, I managed to land an internship,” Kalam said. He continued by saying, “And that same summer, I had a group of friends who guided me and just supported me throughout my internship and it helped me land a full-time offer.”