USG Report: Tips for upcoming midterms


Courtesy of USG

Allison Lee

Spooky season is nearing, which means midterms aren’t far behind. This semester, Baruch College is following a hybrid mode of instruction where some students have online classes, hybrid and/or in-person classes. Some of you may even have all online classes but need to come in person just to take exams.

Here, I want to present to you all some advice for midterms.

First, spend some time browsing through Blackboard and all your class syllabi to see when you have tests, what time and where you need to take them and whether there are any lockdown browser systems you need to download beforehand.

Some professors may require you to take your exam during class time with your cameras on. Others may open your exam for a certain time frame for you to finish within, which could range from a couple of days to weeks.

Many online classes also require a third-party security lock to prevent cheating. Double-check to see whether you have a required service or not – you may not be able to take the test at all if you don’t activate the lockdown.

Some of you may have classes in-person but have an online exam 20 minutes after. While Baruch is trying to provide as many quiet spaces as possible, it can be a struggle to find one in such a short time.

I would suggest using the study rooms in The William and Anita Newman Library, as they’re the best place to focus and have your own space.

Second, the study rooms are now first-come, first-serve.

If you have a friend taking a quiz at the same time, I suggest asking her to hold a room for you first given she doesn’t have class beforehand. You both can still practice social distance and have a quiet space to take your exams.

If you’re afraid that there won’t be any open study rooms, check higher floors for availability.. The higher you go in the library, the quieter it should get — there should also be individual study carousels for students to use.

Unfortunately, due to safety regulations and cleaning, our library is no longer open 24 hours during the midterm and finals seasons.

But this might be a plus, so just but hear me out.

Students used to eat, sleep and brush their teeth in the library consistently for almost a week. This is not self-care. With so much stress and chaos going around, self-care,especially when work becomes too much, is crucial.

Third, take care of yourself first. If you don’t eat properly, hydrate, sleep well and get your daily dose of “me time,” you won’t be able to function well and carry yourself through the midterm season.

It can get a little overwhelming. You’re not alone, but take a step back before the stress gets past your breaking point. Breathe, assess what tasks lie ahead of you and create the game plan that works for you.

Lastly, if you ever find yourself stressed about a million things, take five minutes and write down all the roadblocks that are causing you anxiety. Go through the list;cross out the things you just can’t control and focus on the ones you can.

Sometimes, we can get stressed out about things we have no control over. It’s easier said than done, but these are throwaway stressors, and if you can block them out, you might find yourself having an easier time managing everything else.

At the end of the day, yes, your grades matter, but if you know you tried your best and worked your hardest, you’re already doing amazing.

Good luck with your midterms, and I wish you all the best grades in the book. And for those who are still going to stress throughout their midterm season, please treat yourself to a week of good eats and deep sleep after. You’ll get through this.