USG Report: What USG Senate meetings are all about


Courtesy of USG

Richard Reyes

As the Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College, we are tasked with representing the needs and interests of all Baruch students. We do this through many mediums, such as surveys, events and Senate meetings.

We hold Senate meetings every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m., and it is a public forum where you can come and discuss anything related to Baruch, whether it’s about your experience, any feedback and/or issues that you believe should be addressed.

Senate meetings are held during the fall and spring semesters only. Additionally, if no classes are being held on a Tuesday due to a holiday, then there is no Senate meeting for that week.

You can join our Senate meetings on Zoom via this link. The meeting ID is 864 1682 1682 and the password is USG2021.

Moreover, if you are unable to attend the Senate meeting, USG Secretary Yam-Yu Li creates minutes for each meeting that can be found using this link. The minutes are delayed by one week because they need to be approved by the USG table in the subsequent Senate meeting.

In our Senate meetings, the table discusses events and initiatives that are in the process of being created. They are given as reports and follow the order in the agenda that is created by me. As the executive vice president, I oversee and facilitate the Senate meetings.

Reports are given by table members, but they are not exclusively entitled to just them. If you are a student and would like to speak at our Senate meetings, you are more than welcome to.

To be added to the agenda, you will need to email me at

Once you email me, you will receive a confirmation email stating you have been added to the agenda, and that you must send  a summary of your report if you have not already done so. Failure to provide a brief summary will forfeit your name on the agenda — this is to prevent any Zoom bombings or false reports.

Some major issues that we have discussed recently include water fountains being safe and functional, COVID-19 safety measures and protecting students against academic and financial withdrawal due to vaccination deadlines.

These issues are brought up to the administration and beyond. Make sure to attend our Senate meetings, but if you cannot, make sure to catch up via our minutes.