Baruch ranks among the top 250 schools in Wall Street Journal’s 2022 list



Edgar Llivisupa, Sports Editor

Baruch College ranked No. 234 on The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education College Rankings 2022, gaining 14 spots from last year’s list.

The rankings are determined by 15 indicators that encompass four key areas, student outcomes, academic resources, student engagement and learning environment.

“The rankings rely in part on data collected before pandemic-related shutdowns and moves to online education occurred and don’t weigh increasingly important considerations like quality of distance learning or in-person health and safety practices,” the accompanied Wall Street Journal article reads in part.

Generally, schools placed higher because of their graduates’ educational satisfaction and high paying jobs that pay off student debt.

However, salaries 10 years after graduation were used in part to determine the rankings and do not reflect graduates facing unemployment following the pandemic.

Graduation rate and graduate debt determined student outcomes, accounting for 40% of the overall ranking.

Research, finance per student and faculty per student made up academic resources at 30%, followed by 10% accounting for learning environment, composed of faculty and student diversity.

Student engagement evaluated whether the college engages with the student, weighing 20% of the overall ranking by data collected in the Times Higher Education U.S. Student Survey.

However, due to the pandemic, the survey component was not conducted as the publishers determined that students’ responses would be skewed towards how their school handled the transition to virtual learning.

Data from the most recent survey, conducted last year, was used instead.

Baruch’s total score was 56.3 out of 100, individually ranking No. 8 and No. 97 nationwide in environment and outcome, respectively. It ranked 400 and above for resources and engagement.

The City College of New York held the distinction as the best CUNY being ranked at No. 212. Hunter College ranked below Baruch at No. 256. while Queens College and Brooklyn College both ranked No. 344.

Three CUNYs are ranked lower than No. 400: Lehman College, John Jay College and College of Staten Island. The list did not specify a rank for school below that threshold.

“We feel tremendous pride and satisfaction to see colleges from the City University of New York ranked among the very best in the nation,” Chancellor Félix Matos Rodríguez said in a CUNY news release. “It is no secret that through its quality and affordability, CUNY continuously delivers on its mission to propel students, regardless of background or bank account, into the middle class, and serving as one of the nation’s most powerful engines of social mobility.”

The top five included Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University and Duke University.

Only four-year, bachelor’s degree-awarding schools with at least 1,000 students were ranked.