Netflix deserves a place at the Oscars


prayitnophotography | Flickr

The Editorial Board

Despite streaming being the norm in recent years — with Netflix leading this revolution — many big-time names and institutions in the film industry have so far rejected Netflix as a legitimate platform worthy of Oscar nominations.

Steven Spielberg, an ever-standing icon of the old age of movies, for one, considers Netflix movies comparable to TV movies and says that the “motion picture theatrical experience” is essential to whether a movie should be recognized as great. An Oscar for Netflix would mean that it could pull in more talent and thus could create even more content for its subscribers. This would only speed up the process of streaming overtaking the old method of movie-watching.

One of Netflix’s biggest claims to fame — secondary to its ease of access — is that it provides a platform for small indie companies and stand-alone individuals to come forth and make the movies and shows they want to. This allows a diversity that isn’t seen in mainstream media, which runs into trouble of course with mainstream Hollywood and especially the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which is predominantly old, white and male.

This is ultimately a threat to the bottom line of the theater industry since it makes money through box office sales and concessions that are sold at exorbitant rates. The benefits Netflix provides to the film industry as a whole should ultimately earn Netflix a spot at the Oscars.