Consequences for Baruch students who don’t prove vaccination are justified


Samson Li | The Ticker

Michelle Chen

With the nation slowly reopening for business and coping with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of in-person classes remains in question. Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that proof of COVID-19 vaccinations must be uploaded to attend any in person or hybrid courses for CUNY and SUNY schools. With available vaccines and easily accessible vaccination sites, these precautions are necessary to keep the students safe and worry free.

The documentation must be approved and verified by Oct. 7, and CUNY takes up to 10 days to approve it. Those who fail to comply by Sept. 27 will be forcibly withdrawn from the classes, potentially jeopardizing their financial aid.

Although over 60% of New York’s population has received at least one of the two shots for immunization, there has been a steady decline in vaccination rates. The response from CUNY is necessary as other incentives decrease in effectiveness.

“There is no factual argument against the vaccine, and there is no excuse not to get your shot,” Cuomo said.

Clinical trials also demonstrate that vaccinations have prevented over 90% of COVID-19 cases. With all evidence suggesting that vaccines are necessary to lift the pandemic, it is logical for public colleges to require vaccinations.

CUNY schools are also aware that there are students that cannot receive a vaccine. Therefore, documentation for religious and medical exemptions must be provided along with a negative COVID-19 test within seven days before the on-site visit.

As a necessary precaution that CUNY campuses must take, it should be a priority for the schools to emphasize the consequences.

Students may not be aware of the documentation requirement, which can potentially hurt their academics and financial aid. The colleges should expand their efforts to communicate this.

There is no other way to navigate this situation. The consequences are within the realm of reason, but students who cannot comply are given other options to attend their classes.

Since withdrawals from classes only occur if the student has onsite classes, students who are still skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccines may enroll in online courses instead if they are uncomfortable with this decision.

The COVID-19 vaccines are fully paid for by the federal government and free of charge. Vaccinations are easily accessible for New York residents, so there is no reason to not get vaccinated.