Baruch Counseling Center would help more students with long-term, individual counseling

The Editorial Board

The Baruch Counseling Center should institute a long-term individual counseling option to help students throughout their college career and not for just a semester. The Baruch Counseling Center offers individual counseling for a short-term period, ultimately leaving clients to search for mental health services elsewhere.

The counseling center is free of charge, which is one of the many reasons why it is a great resource for students.

“In New York City, psychotherapist rates run higher (between $200 and $300). Multiply these rates by one session per week, and the costs can add up faster than patients are able to pay,” according to Clear Health Costs.

For Baruch students seeking help, these costs are difficult to pay and simply not doable for some. Having the cost be an obstacle is not only discouraging, but also harmful to one’s mental well- being.

This is why the center is accessible to all students. Students also don’t need to deal with health insurance policies and copays.

Mental health professionals may not accept every health insurance that is out there, so many students are either left paying out-of-pocket or continuing to search for one that is in-network.

Another reason why the counseling center is beneficial is that it’s confidential, which is key to feeling comfortable and safe while seeking help.

Confidentiality is a serious aspect of psychology. It’s even a part of the American Psychological Association’s code of ethics. Having an open space and knowing that sharing personal stories won’t cause any harm to oneself is vital when seeking services, whether it is for mental health or not.

Short-term individual counseling can be beneficial, and for some, it may meet all of their needs.

However, only being able to seek counseling during a semester hinders the ability to seek help whenever one needs it.

Everyone’s mental health journey is different. Some may only need counseling for a few months, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else has to be left in the unknown.

The COVID-19 pandemic makes seeking mental health services even more dire as college students face unprecedented obstacles.

“Of the 195 students, 138 (71%) indicated increased stress and anxiety due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Multiple stressors were identified that contributed to the increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts among students,” according to the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

From the beginning of the pandemic to now, when certain aspects of everyone’s daily lives seem to be returning to some sort of normalcy, the feeling of being overwhelmed is all too well known.

College is all about new experiences and for those that have mental health obstacles, counseling throughout college can help tremendously.

Understandably, the counseling center already assists a large number of Baruch students and therefore may not be able to open a long-term counseling service. However, funding can be allocated toward this initiative, and outside sources could help make it a possibility.

The counseling center is open to be a support system for students who are facing any kind of mental health challenge, or just need an open space to receive guidance. Thus, itshould help guide countless more by offering long-term individual counseling.