USG Report: Welcome to the new USG administration


Courtesy of USG

Alison Lee

Hey Bearcats, my name is Alison Lee, and I am thrilled to be the president of the Undergraduate Student Government for the 2021-2022 school year. This past year has been a bumpy journey for many of us, but we hope to transition back as smoothly as possible.

To all of our new students, and those who couldn’t step on campus during the COVID-19 lockdown, welcome to Baruch College. We are so excited to see all our students thrive and hopefully see a livelier campus again.

USG will always be here as a support system, whether it’s directions to class, who to email for what resources or just figuring out what clubs you want to join.

Especially after more than a year of lockdown, we want to bring the Baruch pride back and we encourage all our students to take the time to explore what’s right for them. There are always new experiences at Baruch, like playing sports, applying for leadership roles or joining one of our 108 clubs.

USG is our student-run organization thats members are elected annually by undergraduate students. We focus on creating an environment that has our students’ best interests at heart. Throughout the year we create events to build our community, manage other clubs and organizations and, most importantly, speak up for our students when needed.

Our team is made up of undergraduate students from all three schools at Baruch. We hope to get an understanding of our students as much as possible to build the support system needed.

We’d also love to hear from our students, whether it’s in our weekly Senate meetings, on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m., via email or social media.

USG is exceptionally excited to begin our year; we have many ideas and plans in the works and hope to see them accomplished throughout the year.

We will be creating another edition of the wonderful survival guide for all our students by the time September rolls through. We also hope to see some of the events we missed this past year due to the virtual circumstances.

However, whether it’s in-person or online, our team will continue to push and bring new experiences in any way we can.

We’re ready to get started and hope to deliver everything and more for Baruch. We’re so grateful to have not only the support of our students but also all our USG alumni who have consistently been an amazing support system.

To a new ERA and moving forward; wishing everyone good energies for summer and the new semester.

Please feel free to contact me at for any questions or if you’d like to just chat. I hope to see you all in the fall!