Baruch student delegates lobby for alumni support in Albany


Assemblyman Carl Heastie showed his support to for 17 Lex to the delegation.

Sheik Floradewan

The CUNY University Student Senate who was also up at Albany for the weekend ¬lobbied for a tuition freeze for all CUNY students and advocated to close the current TAP gap. 

In an interview with The Ticker, USS Alternate Delegate Razieh Arabi explained that with an increase in inflation and the overall cost of higher education increasing as well, along with the possibility of more admission’s, paying faculty, staff and other maintenance, colleges had to increase their tuition to generate revenue, but this only caused a deficit. 

When they increased the tuition however, TAP did not increase. USS essentially lobbied for $4.9 million to close this gap. 

“We need to bring the budget to balance in order for other good things or programs to happen, but for that to happen we first need this solid ground as basis,” said Arabi. 

In regards to Baruch’s delegates lobbying for 17 Lex, Arabi expressed that she felt this is more of a local issue concerning the city, not something that is taken up to the state. 

“I feel like the best route actually for local projects are local officials and local governments — maybe City Council, I don’t know but I don’t think this is something that concerns the state necessarily,” said Arabi.