Whether virtual or in-person, Mother’s Day can still be special


Rachel Mirakova | The Ticker

Barbara Chang

It’s important to celebrate mothers even though the required COVID-19 safety protocols must be satisfied, which causes restrictions on the special day that is Mother’s Day.

Although many have been vaccinated, it’s still difficult to travel and visit mothers internationally, and precautions still have to be taken seriously while seeing mothers in person.

There are many ways to spend quality time with loved ones both close and far, and Delish suggested a couple of ways to make that possible.

Taking a cooking class together virtually could be fun and convenient, too, because it’s very easy to join meetings on the internet through Zoom and Google Meet. Attending online painting tutorials can also be a creative experience for some mother-child bonding.

Hosting wine tastings through Zoom is a great way to unwind and have relaxing conversations on Mother’s Day. Since opportunities to travel are limited right now, it would be thoughtful to take one’s mother on tours online to their favorite locations all over the world. This way, they can feel like they’re almost on vacation with their family.

As the significance of fitness has greatly increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, going to exercise classes virtually with mothers can be physically and emotionally rewarding.

Woman’s Day pointed out some old-fashioned, traditional and considerate gestures to honor mothers on Mother’s Day.

“Prior to the pandemic — even though more moms were working outside the home than ever before — moms still shouldered the majority of household and parenting responsibilities. And as a result of the pandemic, nearly 3 million women have been pushed out of the workforce due, in no small part, to existing inequities inside the home,” Woman’s Day reported.

Helping mothers out with housework can be one of the best gifts for mothers as well because they can have a stress-free day to recuperate from being busy all the time.

Having family barbecues on Mother’s Day can be a good celebration, because of the delicious burgers and hot dogs, enjoyment from being together with family and friends and less risk of spreading COVID-19 since this type of gathering usually takes place outdoors.

Mothers deserve a break from making sure that everyone is taken care of in the family, so there’s no better time to set up some spa treatments at home to pamper them for being the glue that holds everything together.

It’s never too much to show mothers appreciation because no one would be here without them. Getting together to make beautiful flower bouquets can show them how much they’re appreciated.

Whether online or in-person, the most important thing to do on Mother’s Day is to let mothers know that they’re cared for and loved by their children and partners through mindful and sweet indications and actions that make them feel special.

From extravagant gifts to something handmade, when it comes to showing mothers they’re appreciated and acknowledged on Mother’s Day, it’s the thought and effort that matters most in the end.