USG Report: Farewell letter from USG’s president


Courtesy of USG

Tony Chen

The Undergraduate Student Government has been a part of my weekly routine and to see it disappear from my calendar feels as if I am finally about to flip to the next chapter of my life.

I remember three events the most from my time in USG: when I first joined, participating in the USG election and hosting one of the most significant traditional events, “Lip Sync Battle.”

I joined USG at the beginning of my first year at Baruch College and by complete coincidence.

It was Convocation Day in August 2017, and I got lost on the third floor during the “Club Fair.” Being unaware of where to go, my first reaction was to find the exit to go home. But since the lobby was flooded with people, I went to the opposite side and somehow ended up in the USG suite.

Over there, I was introduced to members of USG and what they do, but my impression of student government was just a bunch of popular kids in their positions. However, that impression changed immediately as I began to see students about my age working for the student body to make Baruch a better environment.

My impression of student government changed further as I joined my team in my first ever USG election. The preparation was organized, and the effort to promote our team was even more intense as we ran against a strong opponent team.

Trying to promote myself to a population of thousands of students was a challenge I never expected to do years ago when I was reluctant to even join any extracurricular activities. I started to wonder if I was running for an actual office in the city as we campaigned during the elections period.

Then there was my biggest event, and that was the “Lip-Sync Battle.” It wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have my team, and I appreciate everyone who helped me make that one of the most memorable events for Baruch students.

The smiles and excitement on the Bearcats’ faces were what motivated me to bring as much joy to them as possible. My only regret today is that I didn’t record the event.

In the end, USG for me was a responsibility but it also was an opportunity. If I didn’t join, I would’ve never been able to grow and have fun simultaneously.

I have to thank everyone that accompanied me on this journey. There is only one thing I want to let them know that I never got the chance to tell them in person, and that is: thank you for everything and the joy you brought to my college years.