ERA wins the Undergraduate Student Government elections


ERA Instagram

Anacaona Rodriguez

For the second year in a row, Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government elections were held online, resulting in a one-party sweep by Endlessly Revolutionizing All.

Since students were not able to cast their ballots in-person as usual, students were able to vote virtually on Qualtrics from April 21 to April 28. A total of 456 students cast ballots, according to the Office of Student Life.

The party ran on a platform of, “synergy, empowerment and resilience,” according to an Instagram post. “Covid-19 has created many problems that need innovative solutions; our team is prepared to bring the new level of ingenuity across Baruch,” the post read.

Alison Lee, the current chair of clubs and organizations, has been elected as president. Richard Reyes, current vice president of legislative affairs, has been elected as executive vice president. Leslie AcuapinaFformer VP of Student Affairs 2020 – 2021, the current chair of finance, has been elected treasurer. Yam-Yu Li, former Vice President of Student Affairs 2020 to 2021, has been elected as executive secretary.

The four will serve as USG’s Executive Board.

President-elect Lee said she’s incredibly proud of the ERA party, especially since the campaign was virtual.

“We really wanted to focus on still being able to have a bond within our team and throughout our late-night zoom calls,” she told The Ticker. “I’ve been able to get to know some of the most ambitious, passionate, funny, creative, and overall amazing people. I’m so happy to see our team get elected, even though we ran uncontested.”

Executive Vice President-elect Reyes echoed Lee’s sentiments and thanked those who voted. One of the party’s goals, he said, was to ensure students knew what their platform was as students return in the fall.

“Our main goal throughout the campaign was for everyone to know who we are and what we stand for,” Reyes said. “We want to create a safe and inclusive environment for all students. As we transition back into in-person, it is important that we work in securing equitable solutions for students across Baruch College and making sure that we provide the college experience that we all deserve.”

The vice-presidential senators are the following: Osvaldo Garcia as vice president of academic affairs, Erika Cumbe as vice president of campus affairs, Karina Chiqui as vice president of legislative affairs and Laiba Hussain as vice president of student affairs.

The representative senators are as follows: Humas Ali, Lesli Aucapina, Thalia Aviles, Shokhrukh Dustmurodov, Jason Galak, Larry Gomez, Damani Heywood, Michele Liang, Abdullah Mahdi, Isabella Mansour, Julie Margolin, Snigdha Sarker, Vicki Xiao and Tyler Yang.

The elected University Student Senate delegate is Ashley Chen. USG had already passed a motion to elect Osvaldo Garcia as the second USS delegate after the resignation of Joel De La Cruz in late April. His term will last until the end of the USS’s cycle and a special election will be held to fill that vacancy.

The elected USS alternate delegates are Daniel Flores and Jessica Yauri. Chen, Flores and Yauri will represent Baruch in USS, essentially the federal government of the CUNY system.

The Athletic Board will consist of Kasper Gacek and Meenakshi Mugrai.

The Board of Directors, Auxiliary Enterprises Corp. members are Hardik Bhandari, Erik Galeno and Arshi Kaur.

The Board of Directors, Baruch College Association Inc. members are Kevin Chen, Julia DiMarcello, Tehreem Khan and Charlotte Yee.

The Communications Board, Baruch College Association Inc. members are Tumaray Akikatkyzy, Parmjeet Kaur and Kamilla Sharipova.

The Faculty/Student Disciplinary Committee members are Stephanie Jimenez and Jenny Qu. The Health Advisory Board members are Natalie Flores and Sandy Garcia. The Student Building Fund Committee members are Ricky Ke, Andrew Lu and Vy Luong.

The Student Center Board, Baruch College Association, Inc. members are Adriana Cumbe, Bryan Valenzuela and Hadiatou Jalloh. The Student Media Council members are Martin Alfaro, Melenie Atahualpa and Antonio Marin Guzman. The Student Programming Board will consist of Joshua Greenberg, Anmol Kaur, Julissa Ortega and Kevin Santana.

Lee said she’s excited for what the future holds for USG.

“I’m excited for what we have in store,” she said. “I hope we’ll be able to truly bring a new ERA into Baruch and rebuild our environment. We hope to keep moving forward and get through this together.”