USG Report: Farewell letter from USG’s executive vice president


Courtesy of USG

Briana Staten

This year has been one I will remember for a lifetime. Being the executive vice president for a full year of remote learning has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

As someone who was used to a vibrant in-person student life, being immersed in a virtual environment, and having to lead it, was very unique.

Working alongside so many different personalities of passionate individuals who want to work and foster an inclusive environment has been rewarding, as well as watching my team grow as individuals and become even stronger leaders than they already were.

However, I will say this journey as EVP has not always been glamourous.

There have been a lot of late-night calls, tears and thankless hours put in to making sure our team is kept afloat. As I reflect, one thing I wish I did a better job at is not getting too emotionally invested over the little things.

This will be my biggest recommendation for someone who is looking to join Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government. If you get too emotionally invested, it can start to take a toll in your personal life.

I want to raise awareness to the fact that, yes, we are USG representatives, but we are also full-time students. We are here to advocate as best as we can for the undergraduate population, but at the end of the day everything is up to the faculty to make the final decision.

I want everyone who ever had concerns about the administration to understand that you must also advocate for yourself.

Thank you to everyone for giving me a platform to grow and voice my opinions and serve as your voice and representative. I can’t wait to see all of the great things that the new era of USG will accomplish!