USG Report: Baruch’s board of directors handles fiscal year finances


Courtesy of USG

Tony Chen

There are two kinds of boards of directors in this school: the Baruch College Association and the Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation. Both boards are in charge of passing budgets related to the school activities and are often mistaken to be the same entity. Still, they do serve the institution for different purposes.

The Baruch College Association, also known as Bernard M. Baruch College Association, is a group made up of 13 directors to oversee budgets concerning student activities. For any reason that a student organization may need to make adjustments or proposals to their current budget, the representative from that organization will have to ask the Board of Directors for the budget and reasons why their request should be accepted.

The 13 members of the board consist of the chair of the table, administrative representatives, faculty representatives, independent representative and student representatives. The student representatives consist of the president of the Undergraduate Student Government, the president of the Graduate Student Assembly and four board of director student representatives elected in the USG election.

The matter to be discussed often relates to the reason why a student organizations may have to pass a certain budget, with the most reason being USG, GSA and the media groups asking the board of directors to create a new line in their budget for a CUNYfirst staff to take care of the new payment process requested by CUNY Central.

Near the end of the year, in the representation of all the undergraduate clubs and organizations, the president of USG will be required to present budgets for the next fiscal year of those that were passed during the USG Senate meeting.

The USG president will also have to often be a representative for the club at the Board of Directors meeting to discuss all budget-related proposals passed during USG Senate meetings such as appeals, a new budget, old payments and an adjustment to the budget line in the monthly meetings.
The Board of Directors Auxiliary Enterprise Corporation, also known as Bernard M. Baruch College Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation, functions in a similar way to the Bernard M. Baruch College Association, but the different purpose is that they usually meet once per semester and discuss funds used for large scale events, such as money used to fund the Barclay Center for graduation and revenue made from the bookstore, as well as revenue made from many different parts on campus.

The members of this board are the same as of the Baruch Association. The activities needed to be discussed in the meetings are not like the ones in Baruch Association, as no budget proposal from student organizations are discussed.

Both boards of directors are public, and the minutes from the meetings should be available for public view on their section on Baruch’s official page, but it’s still currently in work.

If any student is interested in knowing more about how the budget works and discussed, Zoom information for the Baruch Association is available by contacting Treniece Moore-Walters at and Auxiliary Enterprise is available by contacting Kenya Lee at