Dear Baruch graduate students, start your own newspaper


Amanda Salazar | The Ticker

The Editorial Board

Student journalism provides an opportunity for students to express their voice to classmates, faculty and the academic environment at large. The Ticker, in addition to Encounters Magazine, Refract Magazine and Dollars & Sense, demonstrate these values for undergraduates of Baruch College. However, Baruch’s graduate school has not yet created its own student outlet.

By having a central publishing outlet within their school’s community, students are given a medium to share their thoughts without interference from faculty — creating checks and balances within the institution.

On an individual level, journalism also supplies students with the tools to engage in personal interests and develop skills such as writing, interviewing and copy editing, all of which goes into working on a publication.

Baruch’s undergraduate campus acknowledges the various positive impacts journalism has on the student body and has made extensive efforts to incorporate publications into their student life.

Promoting student journalism within Baruch’s graduate school would not only allow for people to work on a publication, but also provide a place for student’s work to be published and seen.

Some classes offered at Baruch’s graduate school require students to write persuasive pieces, which they may wish to publish. Some professors have also suggested that students send their work to The Ticker, not knowing that the paper only publishes undergraduate student work.

Although it may seem like maintaining a newspaper can be a difficult or resource-consuming task, a graduate student publication is extremely feasible as it wouldn’t even require a large budget or high maintenance efforts.
For instance, an online newspaper would not require a significant printing budget and can even be completely free if hosted on Blogs@Baruch’s domain, as exemplified by Dollars & Sense.
Regarding issues concerning commitment, an online publication could have work published biweekly, weekly, monthly or even semesterly.

It is evident the impact publications like The Ticker have had on the student body and we look forward to potentially seeing a similar means of expression with students of Baruch’s graduate programs.