City Tech professor recognized as leading expert for Resilience 21 Coalition


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Rachel Dalloo

Illya Azaroff, an associate professor of Architectural Technology at the CUNY New York City College of Technology, has been recognized as a leading expert on resilience in the United States and in playing a role in providing support of the Resilience 21 Coalition.

The Resilience 21 Coalition is composed of professionals from across the United States. They come together to work for communities that are in clear threat due to the climate. It was co-facilitated by Laurie Schoeman of Enterprise Partners, Marissa Aho of the City of Houston and Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy of Resilient Cities Network, according to a City Tech press release.

“It’s an extraordinary group and I am honored to contribute and hope to have lasting impact through our collective effort,” Azaroff was quoted as saying in a press release. “Creating a resilient, regenerated future requires immediate and substantive action. We must face the challenges of climate change head on, for the health, safety and welfare of our communities. These recommended actions, once adopted, will initiate a wave of positive change and cascading transformation, to and for all.”

Azaroff was most recently elected to serve as the 2021 president for the American Institute of Architects New York State, or AIANYS. As president for the AIANYS, he will be guiding over 9,000 architects and
design professionals within New York state.

Not long ago, Azaroff had teamed up to work with the Alliance for National & Community Resilience and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help develop “community resilience benchmarking” for the U.S. Virgin Islands and New York City, according to City Tech’s website.

Prior to working in New York, Azaroff had worked in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands on projects that ranged from, “performance, furniture design, production, interior design and small projects to large mixed-use buildings, international airports and urban planning projects,” as is stated on Azaroff’s profile.

Azaroff has worked in his field for more than 25 years and is the founder of +LAB Architects, located in Brooklyn, which helps to embrace both old and new technologies to build trajectories.

“City Tech is honored to have Professor Illya Azaroff selected as President of AIANYS and be engaged with the Resilience 21 Coalition. Recognized as a leading expert on resilience committed to meeting the challenges of climate change, I could not think of anyone better to both lead and support in efforts like these at a time like this in our country,” City Tech President Russell Hotzler said.