Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to spread more love



Angelica Tejada, Opinions Editor

Whether “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo or “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce is on repeat this Valentine’s Day, the holiday itself isn’t that bad.

It is never a bad idea to shower a little more love on those whom one cares deeply about and especially during COVID-19 when everyone is feeling a bit lonelier.

Love can be expressed on any given day, and other special days like anniversaries and birthdays exemplify that. However, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to set time apart for that special someone.

“Send your girlfriends, mom, anyone you love some flowers, or a thoughtful treat,” Amy Van Doran, a matchmaker in New York, said to The New York Times. “No matter how intellectually dumb we think Valentine’s Day is, it never offends anyone to be thought of, especially during a loneliness pandemic.”

Isolation during the pandemic has been mentally straining and looking forward to a holiday gives someone a reason to feel happy.

Of course, the holiday will not be the same due to the current circumstances, but the pandemic-friendly ways of showing love make the day sweeter. Just having one day that feels a little different can mean a lot when every week seems to blend together.

The holiday isn’t exclusively for those in romantic relationships. One can celebrate with friends, family or themselves.

It’s a day where people can reflect on the relationships they have with others and with themselves, which is the most important of all.

“Though you might not be celebrating a romantic love this Valentine’s Day, make it a point to appreciate the form love is showing up as in your life,” USA Today suggested.

Valentine’s Day isn’t meant just for partners or spouses to celebrate — it’s for everyone.

No one should feel embarrassed or ashamed for not having a significant other because love comes in various forms.

Others may argue that Valentine’s Day is just another mass-market holiday where people are urged to spend a lot of money.

“It’s only for Instagrammable moments,” Ryan Bailey, who is an acting teacher and podcast host, said to The New York Times. “Girls are trying to impress their girlfriends to show what guys got them. And guys are trying to show that they’re good guys.”

Boiling the holiday down to what its intention is — love— takes off the ridiculous pressure to nail it every year. There’s no need to buy boyfriends a brand-new car or girlfriends a diamond necklace.

It’s cheesy to say, but it’s the thought that counts. So, buy or make a gift for loved ones that will make them feel appreciated and thought of.

A gift isn’t even necessary for the holiday either. Just saying a simple, “I love you,” or “I’m thinking about you,” is enough.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder that there’s still love around even when the world seems to be falling apart.