Brady wins number seven as Buccaneers steamroll the Chiefs


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Kyle McKee, Sports Editor

Super Bowl LV turned out to be the complete opposite of what every NFL expert and fan expected. Instead of a high scoring battle between two prolific offenses that feature two of the greatest quarterbacks football has ever seen — Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes— the Tampa Buccaneers defense dominated the game.

Todd Robert Bowles, the Bucs Defensive Coordinator, called it a “masterful game.” His defense, led by linebackers Lavonte David and Devin White, held the Kansas City Chiefs offense, which many believe to be the best offense in the sport, to just nine points. Nine points! and those nine points came from three field goals. The Chiefs did not score a touchdown.

Tampa Bay was able to shut down the Chiefs’ offense by placing constant pressure on Mahomes which forced the QB into difficult situations. In fact, according to Next Gen Stats, to avoid getting sacked, Patrick Mahomes scrambled for a total of 497 yards, more than any quarterback has in the sport this season. That’s ridiculous! The guy had no time to operate.

As for the other quarterback, Tom Brady, it was just business as usual. The 43 year-old completed 21 of 29 passes for a total of 201 yards and three touchdown passes, two of which were to his trusty tight end Rob Gronkowski.

As a result of the Brady and Bucs victory, there are some bizarre statistics involving Tommy Boy. Sunday’s Super Bowl win gave Brady his seventh Super Bowl win during his career, which is more Super Bowl victories than any NFL franchise. Brady also earned his fifth Super Bowl Most Valuable Player trophy, the most in NFL history, according to ESPN.

Last, but certainly not least, Brady has now won a Super Bowl in three different decades. The dude continues to defy Father Time.

Out of the ten Super Bowls Brady has been to, he has won seven of them. That’s a .700 winning percentage. Plus, the three times he lost the Super Bowl, the other team needed miracles to win.

From Eli Manning’s famous scramble and David Tyree’s ridiculous helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII, to Mario Manningham’s insane sideline catch in Super Bowl XLVI, to Nick Foles playing the best game of his life in Super Bowl LII — all of Brady losses have taken miracles from the other team.

There should be no debate about who is the greatest of all time now. Brady is the clear and away GOAT.