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How Minecraft unknowingly became a stage for content creators

Samson Li | The Ticker

As the ashes of the communist state L’Manberg settle down on Dream SMP, the corrupted Egg, the Big Innit Hotel and Quackity’s casino become the phoenixes to rise from the ashes following the imprisonment of Dream, who was considered to be the leader and creator of the Dream SMP.

If this sounds as crazy as it does, it’s because a few months ago Dream SMP was simply a survival multiplayer Minecraft server consisting of two content creators, American gaming YouTuber Dream and English YouTuber GeorgeNotFound. They had the simple intention of creating a survival server and playing the game normally while adding their close friends to join them. This was a time of creation, peace and prosperity for Dream SMP, with everyone living in harmony — minus the Lemon Tree Wars.

But peace does not last long, and chaos came in the form of 16-year-old British Twitch streamer TommyInnit. Due to his outstanding track record in another survival Minecraft server, SMPEarth, Tommy’s mission once being whitelisted, or approved to join Dream SMP, was to make as much of a mess as he could; he succeeded. Tommy’s existence on the server uprooted wars and conflicts, but also allowed other content creators who were outside the original circle to join on the newly formed nation of L’Manberg.

L’Manberg, a new nation created by Tommy and streamer and musician Wilbur Soot, was the catalyst of Dream SMP. The nation opened the idea of roleplaying within the server. Improv quickly became scripted writing as viewers witnessed the seeds of betrayal and deceit being sewn into Dream SMP, with inspiration taken from art forms such as Hamilton. The server no longer was just for close friends to play; Dream SMP became a battleground for power and control with its own canon of characters with their own unique ideas of motivation.

Dream SMP has garnered massive attention on the streaming platform Twitch. TommyInnit had over 500 thousand viewers alone on his stream during the final battle and imprisonment of Dream. Tommy became the focal point of the SMP, as far as even being considered the protagonist of the server as a majority of the conflicts either are caused by him or are a part of a ripple effect due to his actions.

Other streamers such as Technoblade have also amassed over 500 thousand viewers on his stream on YouTube. This is due to his involvement in the wars and his strong belief in anarchy. His character is often considered to be untouchable of sorts within the SMP because of his player-versus player- skills used in fighting as well as his resourcefulness to achieve his means. The server’s popularity even reached Twitter, with trending topics and hashtags being created moments after major events within the SMP.

Dream SMP has allowed many content creators to shine and flex their talents from their acting to their writing. Examples of this include Wilbur, who was the main writer during the L’Manburg era leading up to his canon death within the server. Other writers who helped after Wilbur’s death were Dream, Tommy, Techn and Quackity.

In terms of acting, a notable figure is Ranboo. He was randomly added after making comments on stream as just a viewer on why he should be a part of the server. Once in, he quickly embraced the role of a half-Enderman who is going through severe memory loss and seemingly the only one who knows of Dream’s actual intentions.

Dream is also notable for playing the manipulative, power-hungry villain of the server who had the goal of stealing and keeping the tokens of affections of everyone in the server. Dream ironically ended up in the inescapable prison that he made in collaboration with Awesamdude.

The server has become a source of entertainment for fans everywhere and even allowed fan artists to shine. Youtuber animator SAD-ist had their Dream SMP inspired video “Dawn of the 16th” be the No. 1 trending video on the site upon release.

From a simple survival Minecraft server, Dream SMP has allowed multiple creators to interact and create a project that is loved by many online.

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