USG Report: Find club events at Baruch


Courtesy of USG

Briana Staten

Welcome back to the spring semester everyone. I hope you had a great break and are super excited to get into the spring semester.

The Undergraduate Student Government and I have been trying to create a way to raise awareness of the various resources students have access to on campus and, thus, we’ve created a club master sheet. This is a tool to use to learn about student life events and to get involved virtually with club life at Baruch College.

This will also be a great tool to see what is happening if you were unable to attend the club fair, and if you were this allows you to stay connected.

Alison Lee, USG’s chair of clubs and organizations, along with her committee have worked very hard to compose lists of all club events occurring each month.

Each month, a Google form is sent out to clubs in order to update the club master sheet with new virtual events.

Any club that fills out the form will have their club’s event featured on the sheet. If you are a club leader reading this and would like your events featured on the club list, please fill out the Google sheet here.

The club name, title of the event, event description as well as the date, time and meeting link is presented on the sheet for easy access. If you are a student interested in attending one of these events, please be sure to log into Zoom with your Baruch email address to help clubs prevent Zoom bombing.

If you were unable to attend the club fair dates or are a new student at Baruch, USG created a survey where if you answer a few questions about yourself, we can link you to certain clubs that we think you would find interest in.

I think USG should also begin adding events to the list so there is easier access to USG events, as well. Heritage months can also use this sheet to further market their events.

One of the events I’m looking forward to is the Women in Business “Style Your Success Fashion Show,” especially since I really enjoyed that event in-person. I am excited to see how the event will come to life in a virtual environment.

I am also excited for Our B.I.A.S.’ Valentine’s Day self-love event, as I enjoy learning about other people’s self-care methods to implement into my life.

Other clubs are also hosting similar Valentine’s Day themed events, as well. Feel free to check out the forms and get involved!