The Baruch Students’ guide for What to Watch Before You Watch The Oscars


Graphics by Daphnelly DelacruzBaruch students have a limited amount of time and a seemingly endless supply of great films to choose from. As the Academy Awards ceremony approaches, The Ticker offers this guide as a way for students to get caught up and have entries to root for. There are a lot of films nominated, but these six entries are a good place to start.

Benjamin Wallin

This could be the movie that changes the landscape. For the first time ever, a Netflix film is nominated for best picture —the film made eligibility requirements by playing limited theatrical runs — and as much as it deserves accolades, it would still be a surprising win. If Roma were to win best picture, it would be the first-ever foreign language film and primarily streaming film to do so. As a potential legitimizer for Netflix, past the studio’s myriad of TV awards, Roma is a must-watch, if only for viewers to be able to participate in the conversation.

Roma is slow going and it develops its emotional range on a gradual basis, but as it builds, it does so with a gentle touch. The cinematography by director Alfonso Cuarón is one of the film’s most notable elements. Shot in black and white, Roma is rich with textures and visuals, the contrast just right to make visuals look like portraits in motion.

It is not a work that is ambitious in its scale, but it does seek meaningful understanding of and attachment to human suffering. Any 2018 movie catch-up session without Roma would be sorely lacking.

Roma is nominated for 10 awards, including best picture and best foreign language film. Watch it on Netflix or in select theaters now.