USG Report: New equipment and software for students made possible by USG’s budget


Courtesy of USG

Tony Chen

The Undergraduate Student Government has been voicing the needs of the students to the technology departments at Baruch College. This semester, USG has been working with the library to ensure that students have access to the equipment and programs required for their classes.

Students have often relied on the library to borrow equipment needed for specific classes, including laptops, calculators and cameras. We want every student to have access to technical equipment, even in this virtual setting.

During the spring 2019 semester, USG communicated with Arthur Downing, the vice president of information services and the dean of the library, to purchase a half-year license of Adobe that began at the end of March and then used the remaining of the USG budget to buy laptops for student usage.

Last semester, I was a part of a meeting to discuss which programs students might need, such as Canva, an online graphic design program often requested by those taking graphic communication courses. Free or reduced pricing for Canva for students is still in negotiation.

In preparation for the upcoming spring semester, we have worked with Downing to purchase 100 graphing calculators that can be loaned to students. We plan to meet with the administration in the upcoming month in discussing which other programs or equipment students are interested in having.

If any students want to let us know what they are interested in seeing made available, please contact us at our website.