Young students benefit from opportunities to publicly display their art


Project Manhattan | Wikimedia Commons

The Editorial Board

As students are increasingly pressured to pursue STEM related courses, creativity withers among New York City youth spending their formative years in public school.

It is important to encourage kids to become more involved in the arts to stimulate their individuality and imaginativeness.

Considering students spend approximately seven hours a day in school, it would be ideal to foster an environment for creativity and maintain the youth’s creative spirit within the education system.

Art programs and institutions partnering with the New York City Department of Education is a great first step towards promoting art within schools and providing the resources to do so.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art sets a noteworthy example with their annual “P.S. Art: Celebrating the Creative Spirit of NYC Kids” exhibition, in which pieces by over 120 public school students are showcased in their display.

Students from all five boroughs submit their work through their school for a chance to be featured.

This is a wonderful opportunity to not only motivate and inspire young artists to create, but also boost their confidence in themselves and their artwork. Students selected to be a part of the exhibit have the possibility to be recognized and appreciated on a wider scale.

More opportunities like the one at the MET should be offered to young children in the future.

As students continue to dedicate years of learning within the New York City public school system, they can acknowledge the importance of engaging in the arts, just as they do with other subjects.

In doing so, students can freely explore their feelings and ideas, build a better understanding of themselves and their community and contribute their unique perspectives.

Young New Yorkers can preserve their creativity and appreciate the value of the arts as they carry on with their academic careers.