CUNY’s delayed announcement for spring 2021 threw many students off

Baruch College

Baruch College

The Editorial Board

Baruch College students received an email from President S. David Wu on Oct. 28 announcing that spring 2021 classes would be remote again.

The email stated that the CUNY Board of Trustees approved CUNY’s decision to make all classes online on Oct. 26. The issue with the email is that it should have been sent out earlier before the registration period began.

Many students, such as athletes or those in honors programs, already began registering for classes on Oct. 26, two days before the announcement was made. While doing so, many classes were shown with a time and meeting days.

Though a few courses stated in their descriptions whether they’d be synchronous or asynchronous, others simply had TBA, short for “To Be Announced,” listed in the time and days slot.

Considering at that point there was no clear indication whether classes would be online or in person, students registered for classes with TBA expecting a time and date to be listed eventually. Those never came.

Others did not register for certain classes because the meeting times conflicted or raised concerns about travel time.

Imagine, as a student, opting out of a class with a highly recommended professor just because it conflicts with a work schedule, only to find out a few days later, once all the seats are taken, that the classes are asynchronous.

Students take time away from their classes and personal lives to sort out the classes they need to take for upcoming semesters, but CUNY’s delayed announcement threw off many students’ plans.

CUNY should have made students aware earlier that classes would be online before registration for next semester began, so they could have had more options for what classes they could take.