‘Neon Night’ marks the end of ‘Welcome Week’


Julian Tineo | The Ticker

Amanda Salazar, Editor-in-Chief

Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government hosted “Welcome Week” to usher in the new semester with a series of four events starting on Jan. 28.

Each day of the week, students were able to enjoy activities meant to make the transition back into school life a little more enjoyable.

The week kicked off on Monday with “Picture Perfect,” where students were able to take polaroid photos with their friends, followed up by “Leggo my Eggloo” on Tuesday.

At Wednesday’s event, “Wing It,” Bearcats were able to grab some food while on their way to class.

Last week’s events were adjusted from the previous semester to be more fast-paced, something organizers hoped made the activities more accessible and enjoyable for students, according to Vice President of Student Affairs Aaron D’Souza.

“Every semester we get new students, whether it be transfers or first years, and [Welcome Week’s] just a way to welcome them to Baruch, but also to welcome back students who’ve already been here, so that there’s something that they can be looking forward to,” D’Souza said.

“The start of the semester’s always rough: you get bombarded with classes after a long break, you get all these syllabi, you find out that all those 4.0 professors turn out to be terrible. It’s just something to calm students down.”

Despite the fast-paced theme, the final “Welcome Week” event, “Neon Night,” which was held in the Multi-Purpose room on Thursday night, unlike the other events that were in the second-floor cafeteria.

USG organizers, including Joshua Castillo, chair of arts, decorated the Multipurpose room with balloons, neon tape and black lights.

There was a tablecloth painting contest, where partygoers got the chance to paint black tablecloths with neon paint, and musicians with drums decked out in neon glow lights played rhythms people were encouraged to repeat back.

Overall, students involved with the week’s events said they were proud of how this semester was welcomed.

“I thought it has gone phenomenally,” Castillo said.