Roaring Baruch’s VPs and chairs share their USG goals


Roaring Baruch

Noah Fleischman

With the Undergraduate Student Government elections right around the corner, each candidate has their own take on what they would do if elected.

Running with the Roaring Baruch party, which is running unopposed, they are expected to win their seats at the USG table.

Vice President:

Taji Sanders, currently serving a representative senator, is running for VP of Academic Affairs. He is running to provide support to transfer students based on the experience he had as an orientation leader.

“I know that transfer students can have a rough time adjusting to Baruch and I really want to help them, especially on the academic side with credits and things like that,” Sanders said.

Steven Le, currently serving as the vice chair of student affairs, is running for VP of Campus Affairs. He said he wants to make USG a more inclusive and transparent organization that provides services to all students.

Yam Yu Li, currently serving as vice chair of student affairs, is running for VP of Student Affairs. She boasted the party’s diversity as one of its strengths.

“Our table members, even our board members are all from different very diverse backgrounds of different countries,” she said. She went on to say that they also have students from all three schools in Baruch College within the party.

Richard Reyes, who currently serves as part of the legislative affairs committee, is running for VP of Legislative Affairs. If elected, he plans on getting students engaged and involved, especially with the upcoming 2020 election.

“We are just going to be focused on student voter registration and making sure that our student body is getting registered to vote,” he said. “Then, moving forward for the rest of the semester, really focusing on engagement activities and opportunities for the student body.”

Each shared a common goal which is to embrace the diversity that Baruch embodies. They claim they are not afraid to have tough conversations regarding mental health during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“This has taken a toll,” Le said, who believes that by creating a safe and welcome environment, and taking things to a “personal” level, the government can ease the transition back into “the upcoming academic year.”

Sanders said that he believes that it is overstimulating because there is so much that Baruch has to offer, but not everyone knows how to get what information they need. Workshops that benefit students, like the “Financial Calculator” event, will be introduced.

“I wish to introduce the Bearcats to all resources Baruch has to provide whether it may be food, freebies or fun, interactive events,” Li said on the Roaring Baruch Facebook page.

Committee Chairs:

Christine Gajdos — Running for Chair of Marketing

By “getting the word out to students about USG events,” she plans on promoting involvement and transparency. Building off the past work of chairs of marketing, Gajdos plans on expanding the role and making events more accessible. She plans on doing this by utilizing flyers, a variety of social media and the USG website.

Cindy Chen — Running for Chair of Graphics

Chen said she sees the role as more than designing advertisements and flyers. Working with her party, she wants to make sure that the vision that everyone has is communicated clearly and effectively.

Ally Lee — Running for Chair of Clubs and Organizations

Lee said she plans on addressing clubs concerns with COVID-19. “What’s most important is communication,” which will help to alleviate clubs’ confusion and issues, she said. She believes that USG is an advocate for students and needs to be their voice, especially in times like this.

Irine Thomas — Running for Chair of Appeals

Thomas currently serves as a representative senator in USG. She plans on helping clubs through this complicated time, helping to advocate for the continued existence of club life at Baruch.

Lesli Cuamani — Running for Chair of Finance

She has been involved with USG since her freshman year. Cuamani plans to “keep working hard for the student body,” the Roaring Baruch Facebook page stated.