‘ReFashion Week’ seeks to bring sustainability into the industry


Courtesy of Pixabay

Farah Javed, Managing Editor

Not only does having a capsule wardrobe benefit the planet, but it also saves time and reduces stress by having less pieces to choose from for outfits. This goes hand-in-hand with the minimalistic mindset that people have been increasingly adopting.

The next event, “Grow NYC Swap & Stop” also introduces another tip to not only reduce clutter from home, but also reduce waste. Simply come to the Church of the Village B-level gym with any piece of clean clothing from shoes to shirts and pants.

 After dropping off the article of clothing, one can sort through the donations and pick out anything for free.

For those who do not have any reusable clothing to contribute, it is okay to take and not give.

The Department of Sanitation states that the goal of the swap & stop is to, “Reduce contributions to landfills and prevent the waste that comes from production, packaging and transportation required to get new things.”

 No registration is required. If unable to attend this event, the department also holds six more swaps in every borough throughout the year.

Some other events taking place during the course of the week include a non-profit hosted by Esa Do&Brew which seeks to mend and design jeans.

 Event-goers can participate while listening to music and drinking. A zero waste fashion workshop showcasing how to adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle and a knit repair workshop on how to revitalize ripped clothing are also taking place.

One particularly interesting workshop is the BloomAgainBklyn Flower Bar.

According to the ReFashion’s website, participants make bouquets out of repurposed flowers and donate them to “trauma and homeless survivors, homebound seniors, families in shelters, nursing home residents, newly arrived immigrant families and children at-risk.”

It is a means to give back to the community by both helping the planet and helping those in need to heal.

Consignment Brooklyn is also offering a promotion in honor of Fashion Week. This shop offers resold clothing from the designer store Eva Gentry, as well as clothing bought from people.

As of right now, the store is having a 60% off sale, but customers who show that they have downloaded the donateNYC app will receive an additional 10%.

The entire week culminates in a fashion show, with models wearing outfits made of upcycled and thrifted materials.

Out of the 28 outfits on display, a panel of judges will select one designer and one stylist to be featured in the 2021 ReFashion week campaign.

With 23 events over the course of the week and the vast majority being free, ReFashion week is an inclusive means of educating the public on the environmental impact of fashion.

It teaches us steps we can take to become more sustainable and how to fix and repurpose clothing, all while giving back to the community.