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Sanders wins the Nevada debate: Candidates desperately fight back

Maham Ayaz | The Ticker

“Bernie’s winning right now because the Democratic Party is a progressive party and progressive ideas are popular ideas,” she said. 

This was the thread of the attacks that Sanders had to endure throughout the night. 

His critics claimed throughout the night that while he may be able to get a crowd riled up, he can’t get anything done.Going after Sanders’ ideological commitments were meant to paint the Senator as unelectable for his self-proclaimed democratic socialism. 

While the moderates attempted to show themselves as alternatives to Sanders, they failed to
separate themselves from each other. 

Keeping the anti-Bernie lane this crowded and failing to consolidate some of their bases by dropping out appears to be working out pretty well for Sanders. 

Though Sanders was on the defensive and didn’t churn out his best debate performance he finished the night bruised but nowhere near as broken as Bloomberg after the last debate.

Though Bloomberg did sustain attacks throughout the night he also punched back but only in Sanders direction.

He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is helping Sanders get elected so that he can lose to Trump.  Sanders retorted with a condemnation of election interference and suggested he would be coming after Putin for this once elected.

Biden’s talking points did not change much but not having to retort to attacks as he previously did as the front runner allowed him to make his case for president in a more collected fashion. 

Warren may have landed some attacks with surgical precision early in the night, but she was toting a clearly narrow line with her current position in the race. 

As a progressive, she was unable to attack Sanders with the same precision because of the potential backlash from her base. Amy Klobuchar struggled to be heard especially with the moderators being quick to cut everyone off that night. 

While Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s performance was consistent in his cool demeanor, it wasn’t too memorable on the night the moderate candidates needed to shine most. Despite being the center of attacks throughout the night, it appeared that Sanders came away rather unscathed. 

Though his performance wouldn’t suggest it, the debate marked the peak of Sanders’ political career so far. 

Now that Sanders is in his political prime as the leading frontrunner for the presidential nomination, the moderates are struggling to stop his momentum.

After spending decades fighting the establishment, the tables have finally turned on Sanders and the establishment is fighting back.

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