Need more space in your closet? These gadgets will help you

Farah Javed, Managing Editor

Nowadays, it feels like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. From balancing school and studying for that physics test you know you’re not ready for to working a part-time job you can’t wait to quit, there seems to be no time to keep a clean room — particularly, our closets.

In fact, some people might immaculately organize it, only to completely ruin their folded clothes while rushing to get ready in the morning like a real-life Tasmanian devil.

On top of the fact that we have so little time, clothing styles and trends have expanded as well. Take jackets, for instance.

From leather to military to cropped to bomber to denim, it’s hard to make your envisioned outfit come to life with a limited amount of storage space in your closet.

If you struggle to have an organized closet, don’t fret. Instead, here are some solutions to closet problems.

Growing up, seeing commercials for Space Bag were common and would feature a mother who would inquire, “Too much stuff and not enough space?” Her solution was the Space Bag.

This product was supposed to be the perfect product for making more space.

Simply place your folded clothes in the Space Bag, vacuum out the air by attaching your vacuum’s nozzle to the hole in the bag, and watch as your bulky clothing flattens before your eyes.

Surprisingly, this product still exists today, but in the form of Vacwel bags. From clothes to blankets to pillows, the 2-by-4 inch plastic bags make storage hassles disappear. They also keep out dust, odors and water, guaranteeing long lasting protection. Vacwel bags are also perfect for preventing closet avalanches.

We’ve all been in the situation when we need a quilt from the top of your closet, but manage to knock down every blanket underneath it too — and find that pen we were looking for two weeks ago.

Traditional hangers also seem to be evolving. For individuals who don’t want to fold their jeans or get their dress pants wrinkled, there are hangers with metal clips which can be used for bottoms.

However, these clips are not always beneficial because they can pull at the waistline of pants or the neckline of shirts, stretching clothes out or making them look torn up.

Instead, one can buy a pack of CamsCorner pants stainless steel hangers that look like silly straws.

With a hook at the top, the hanger has five tiers allowing pants to be hung up without having to clip them. This allows you to optimize closet space by using less hangers rather than having millions of hangers next to each other waiting to get tangled.

Speaking of keeping hangers separated, according to thousands of Amazon reviews, House Day magic hangers are another useful organization tool for closets.

Essentially a metal rod with holes for other hangers to be hung within, it allows several items of clothing to be hung up at once on top of each other. The rod can hang vertically and horizontally, giving consumers more choices for where it can be used in a closet.

For those with tons of pairs of shoes, space is definitely an issue.

Stacking them on top of each other simply scuffs them and leaves them dusty.

There are also individuals that buy $300 sneakers who do not have the option to stack their shoes.

In addition, whether its walking in the streets of New York, running across the sandy beach or camping in the rain — nobody wants to bring the outside on the bottom of their shoes to the inside their home.

Chairlin adjustable shoe organizer strives to be the solution. Designed to look like a guitar pedal, one shoe goes inside the pedal, and one goes on top.

The organizer is made of plastic, allowing it to be extended to up to seven inches. This also reduces the chances of losing or misplacing a shoe, as the pair remains together.

At the end of the day, you may not want to spend money on organizing your closet. Some people may think it’s a waste of time and resources to organize your closet just have it messed up in the morning again.

Glowing reviews from customers would beg to differ. These products are made of strong, durable plastics and steel, and are designed to give you the most space as physically possible and prevent clutter.

In a time where minimalism is thriving, these products are the beginning of getting on the trend of cleanliness in 2020. In the long run though, having a clean closet can be the difference between a panicked and peaceful morning, so why take the risk?