Black excellence, original artistry meet in Black History Month ‘Sip and Paint’


Feba George | The Ticker

Feba George

“My favorite was probably learning how to mix all the paints, learning how to actually brush, ‘cause like you could paint, and then you could paint well,” first-year student Jared Reese said.

The theme of this year’s Black History Month is “Clarity & Continuity: Honoring the Past & Inspiring the Future.” 

“It’s really good that everyone could share their own experiences, could share a piece of themselves and not be isolated in Baruch,” Reese said when asked to connect the month’s theme to the event. 

Another student reflected on the theme as it relates to looking forward and growing from the past.

“I think to me personally it means acknowledging everything that happened in the past, and what’s still needs to be done, knowing the mistakes that not only has society done towards us, but we’ve also done to ourselves, correcting that and making sure that the future has a better way, that future generations have a better life and an easier life of succeeding than what we have now,” attendee Milen Yimer said.

Upcoming events for Black History Month include “Take Care of Yourself: Emotional Check-in,” “Afro-Beats Dance Class,” “Black Excellence Gala” and many more.