ISO celebrates Valentine’s Day amid a water outage


Peter Morgan | The Ticker

Geraldine Taveras

There were a variety of different games to try out; hopscotch, card games and chopstick games were the most popular. 

Members of AIESEC were also tabling at this event. 

“We represent AIESEC to try to work on achieving the 17 sustainable goals of the UN. Right now, we are working more on quality education,” junior Abdelali Seddiey said. 

Throughout the event, club members urged students to sign up for volunteer and travel opportunities. 

The vertical building’s water outage — the water was restored during the final hour of the event — did not stop students from getting their Valentine’s Day message across. 

“We’re surprised — even with the water outage in the building, there was such a big turnout,” Khan said. 

Editor’s Note: Feba George, Lexington Music’s president, is a Ticker senior staff writer.