APO hosts cookie-themed meeting for new members


Rachel Mirakova | The Ticker

Crystal Chunnu

The events members do for service, the organization’s main pillar, allows them to volunteer and give back to the community. 

Every APO event starts off with attendees introducing themselves and sharing fun facts — and this event was no different. 

“It gets everyone a little more comfortable because everyone’s a little tense, especially with people you don’t know,” Queenie Mei said, a sophomore recruit majoring in operational management.

Immediately after introductions, students were divided into two teams to compete in a finish-the-lyric ice breaker game before socializing with cookies. 

When asked why she joined Alpha Phi Omega and came to the event, Mei said she was trying to get to know all of the APO brothers, develop lasting friendships and gain insight into new opportunities that she missed out on when she was a first-year. 

Mei also got the chance to meet new people on campus that she said she would’ve never met if the brothers didn’t introduce her to them. 

“If anyone’s ever too scared to join clubs, I think they should just go for it and then work up the courage to come to a few events,” Mei said. 

“Once you do it, there are so many great things you experience, things you wouldn’t experience if you didn’t join clubs and frats,” she said.