IMG receives a $150,000 Baruch Fund endowment


IMG Baruch

Yasmeen Persaud

IMG builds students professionally and personally. Students put their Wall Street jargon to good use and the club prepares them to enter a variety of industries once they graduate with soaring credentials. While the Office of Student Life is responsible for day to day club affairs and budgets, the Baruch College Fund “manages private funds” to best ensure that the club receiving funds makes successful and strategic decisions, as stated on its official website. IMG prepared a portfolio to reflect on their growth and accomplishments over the past few years to showcase to members of the BCF. Mazzola described that members were happy with the club’s progress.

“It just worked out after the good performance we had,” Mazzola said. “It’s common that the leaders in Baruch meet with the members. The club is comprised of six industry teams. Mazzola, now a senior, joined the financial coverage team as a sophomore and worked his way up to a leadership position.

The club’s extensive activity among its members has garnered attention from major firms. Its website also features a specific “placement” section to inform students of top firms partnering with the club and encouraging those firms to reach out for opportunities in connecting to students. 

IMG’s website also features information about leading members and has a consistent blog filled with market information and updates.

Their coverage breakdown on the different sectors that they specialize in opens up doors for new members who want to learn or for those who already have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of business and market activity.

Sophomore Gloria Ghita, a member of the advisory board, described the immense impact that IMG had on her career and personal growth, giving kudos to the upperclassmen for their guidance and knowledge.

“Upperclassmen imparting knowledge has helped greatly when preparing for interviews, and the IMG network has been a big help for obtaining said interviews,” she said.