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USG reflects on fall, looks ahead to spring semester

Feba George | The Ticker

As the second half of the year kicks off, the Undergraduate Student Government of Baruch College shared a myriad of goals for the new semester and reflected on those of the previous semester with The Ticker.

“We wanted to put out consistently good events, provide resources for students, and overall show people that Baruch is a good time, that Baruch was the right choice rather,” said USG’s Executive Vice President Joshua Castillo when reflecting on past goals.

Castillo continued to reveal some personal hopes he has for the upcoming semester.

“I wanna focus more on the resource aspect of giving back to students, especially with all of the crises going on in the world right now,” Castillo said. 

“More rallies, more representation with administration, and more of the service side of things.”

Representative Sen. Andres Aguirre reflected further as he compared goals between the two semesters. 

“Last semester was really a lot about keeping the traditions from the year before actually alive,” said Aguirre. 

“This semester is really about creating new traditions for the years that come after us.” 

Aguirre emphasized a push toward fighting for students as a reflection of the events that occurred last semester. 

He said that USG hopes to stand up against violence and encourage other students to do so as well.

Other members of USG also shared ways that they hope to improve this semester and accomplish some of the goals that they have set.

“We’re planning on having a lot more town halls to really explain to people what exactly the mission of USG is, and what exactly we are to do,” Chair of the Arts Committee Emmanuel Oladejo said.

“As a Rep. Sen. I have the opportunity to create any event, so I am planning on doing a dance competition, and it’s combining in all the schools in the tri-state area,” said table member Irene Thomas when asked how she hopes to accomplish the goals of continuing to foster cultural diversity and bringing the community together.

To get a full picture of this semester, several students were also asked to reflect on USG and suggest possible goals for the remainder of the academic year.

“They should connect with the students more ‘cause I know like last semester that whole ‘Overheard Baruch’ thing happened, and like some students felt that USG wasn’t doing enough for the community and they felt that they were out of the loop,” sophomore Anisa Chowdhoury reflected.  

Another student reflected on how much she enjoyed the events that USG hosts and the improvements she hopes might be made in the future.

“They’re always doing some type of fun events for the students that act as de-stressors, so I think that’s what I like from this year’s USG,” student Chelsi Hurst reflected as she appreciated being able to attend more events. “The only way to go is really up.”

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