Get in the local Christmas spirit, NYC

The Editorial Board

It’s that time of year again — ‘tis the season to have Instagram feeds and Facebook timelines come under siege via a barrage of wholesome holiday photos taken at either the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center or the ice-skating rink at Bryant Park. 

While these popular tourist attractions are an enjoyable spectacle to behold, worthy of every New Yorker’s bucket list, they do become a bit stale after being recycled as the cliché backdrop to the festive family-friendly photos of the masses every year. 

Luckily, mixing things up this holiday season won’t require a Christmas miracle because there are plenty of festive attractions spread out across the outer-boroughs. The Christmas tree at the Queens Botanical Garden, Santa Parade at the Staten Island Mall, Sinterklaas at the Wyckoff House Museum in Brooklyn and the Garbedian family’s Christmas display in the Bronx are some hidden holiday gems worth taking a look at. 

This is why local government officials and community leaders should advertise them more and thus, preventing them from being overshadowed by the overpopulated tourist traps of Manhattan. This year consider experimenting with tourist traditions by venturing out on new holiday expeditions with family and friends, as it will serve as a breath of fresh air reminiscent of one taken after that first sip of peppermint mocha.