Our Bias promotes body positivity and self-love

Yasmeen Persaud

Baruch College’s wide variety of club activities and student involvement makes its campus life shine. 

However, Baruch’s club life seemed lackluster in the self-appreciation department, prompting the creation of the club — and community — Our Beauty In All Sizes, or Our Bias.

Our Bias aims to appreciate and celebrate body positivity. The club wants to inspire a positive conversation of body image among students and encourages open-mindedness.

“I thought it looked really interesting because the only other club that really offers female empowerment is the Fem Code club and this is a really cool take on present issues considering the younger generation,” sophomore Stephanie Antonova stated who atended the club’s first G.I.M.

The e-board and members of the club worked tirelessly for their first meeting, hanging decorations and serving treats that reflect the lighthearted touch of the club’s culture.

I definitely feel like it would be harder to get males in our club, but body empowerment isn’t just for women,
— Kaitlyn Easington

“We want to create a super safe and comfortable space for everyone and celebrate our body types and who we are as people,” President Samantha Kishner said.

Club members created a presentation for the G.I.M., acting as a formal introduction to the background of the club and team.

While the club has not been given the green light to start their club officially yet, it’s on step four of six of the approval process. 

“I had tried joining other clubs on campus, and there’s always clubs focused on career, and some of them lack the in between space,” Kishner added.

“I’ve always been passionate about positivity, and there’s no club that celebrates that.”

An important part of the club’s mission is a vow to be inclusive to all genders.

“I definitely feel like it would be harder to get males in our club, but body empowerment isn’t just for women, they experience the same type of feelings and emotions and deserve the same type of community,” Vice President Kaitlyn Easington said.

Sophomore Carol Sifuentes also added that “there’s kind of a standard that society has.”

Our Bias is open to new members and encourages students to make a difference in themselves and within their community.

“You can leave a legacy as a founding member, all you have to do is reach out,” Kishner said.