BSA highlights beauty of Bengali culture with mock wedding


Wendy He | The TickerFormer Undergraduate Student Government President Radhika Kalani and former International Student Organization President Richard Rudman “tied the knot” at BSA’s fourth annual Mock Wedding and cultural event.

Sheik Floradewan

The large turnout was a sign of the event’s success, as the MPR reached its maximum capacity to the point where security guards had to tell some students who were lined up outside to leave. 

Student response to the event was positive.

“The mock wedding is like our fall primal event.” Asif Rahman, assistant secretary of BSA, said. “We basically wanted to show how a wedding in desi communities happen. We also want to show to people of other cultures about our culture and how we don’t lack of anything. It’s just full of color, food, entertainment, families and friends.”

Additional reporting by Shahram Rahman.