Baruch clueless on #BeFare outcome

The Editorial Board

Last December, Baruch College’s Undergraduate Student Government started a transportation committee called the #BeFare Committee to advocate for an equitable commuting process for all Baruch and CUNY students. If successful, the #BeFare movement would have most likely gone into effect this fall according to Brandon Santiago, chair of the #BeFare Committee.

However, resolutions have not been made effective. The Ticker Editorial Board understands that the process is not easy to come to an agreement with companies like Uber, Lyft, Via and any other ridesharing companies, but what happened to the initiative?

The efforts on USG’s part is commendable. Santiago had met with officials from major transit groups to secure a reduced transit fare for CUNY students. It seems as if when he graduated last semester, the initiative left with him because there has been no discussion or progress on the matter since. As a commuter school, Baruch plays host to many students who rely on public transportation to meet their travel needs. Students rely on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to bring them to and from school and activities in which they are involved.

When Vice President of Legislative Affairs Kim Kazdal was elected  she had expressed that one of the initiatives she has in mind is to continue working closely with the #BeFare Committee, “Ensuring that Brandon’s legacy is continued.” Such initiatives should be followed up with so that false promises are not made.