‘Fashion Self Expression’ brings out creative side in students


Joel C. Bautista | The TickerStudents were given white and black t-shirts as their blank canvases to make whatever they wanted, using materials such as fabric, markers and paint for the designs.

Feba George

“This is hard, people who make clothes — they deserve to charge us all these prices they charge us,” reflected Simba Luly, who was embroidering his t-shirt.

Webster reflected on her realization of the work that goes into creating clothing when she created her entire outfit herself.

“I made this out of fabric and I just made it myself to kind of put myself in the shoes of some of the workers that have to do that as a lifestyle day in and day out, kind of rethinking about consumption,” said Webster as she pointed to an outfit she created completely on her own and reflected on the process of creating it.